STD test in London is very important if you are looking forward to getting pregnant or already pregnant because STDscan affect pregnancy.Some effects of STD includepremature delivery, low birth weight or can even cause serious infections to babies at delivery.

STD test in London will help you know your sexual health status and how they may affect your pregnancy or new-born if you are pregnant.

Not all STDs affects pregnancy or breastfeeding; the following are STD that can affect pregnancy or breastfeeding.


Genital herpes can be transmitted to an infant during childbirth. The symptoms of herpes may not be visible in the mother at pregnancy, but that notwithstanding, the virus can still infect the baby.

Herpes test in London is of utmost importance because the disease can affect your baby’s central nervous system and cause diseases such as hepatitis and pneumonitis. C-section (cesarean section) is an effective way to curl transmission to infants. Mothers with herpes can breastfeed unless there is sore on the breast.


The probability of a mother transmitting HIV/AIDS is very low, but it increases with time when left untreated. HIV can infect the foetus from the placenta during pregnancy or at delivery. Anti-retrovirals(ARV) can be given to mothers to prevent it from being passed to the baby—a cesarean section (C-section) can also help.

Mothers should not be allowed to breastfeed because it can be transmitted through breast milk.


Chlamydia causes pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) if not treated, which may lead to infertility, miscarriage and premature birth. When pregnancy survives the conditions above, new-born babies might have eye infections or pneumonia. Chlamydia cannot be passed from mothers to babies through breastfeeding.

Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

Mothers withHPV may likely deliver via C-section (caesarean section) because it causes genital wart which might grow very large to block the birth canal as influenced by pregnancy hormone. Transmission to an infant is rare, and breastfeeding is allowed for mothers with HPV.


Untreated cases of gonorrhoealead to infertility, miscarriage or premature birth. Gonorrhoea cannot be passed from mothers to their babies through breastfeeding but can be passed during childbirth. Mothers with gonorrhoea may have babies with eye infections.


Syphilis can cause miscarriages or premature birth in women. Your STD test in London should focus more on syphilis because it is very harmful to new-born. Syphilis can easily be transmitted to a foetus from the placenta or via the birth canal during delivery; it is not healthy for a syphilis patient to breastfeed her baby.


It causes scarring of the Fallopian tubes and permanent damage in severe cases leading to infertility, miscarriage, premature birth or low birth weight if left untreated. Trichomoniasis can be passed from babies during childbirth but cannot be passed via breastfeeding.

Hepatitis B (HBV)

Mothers with HBV can pass it to their babies during childbirth. Babies from infected mothers may develop liver disease. Mother can breastfeed without fear because it cannot be passed through breastfeeding. Vaccinating babies with antibodies can protect them from infection.

Hepatitis C (HCV)

This can be transmitted from an infected mother during delivery but only in rare cases – it occurs in one out of twenty. Contracting HCV can affect the liver. Mothers infected with HCV can breastfeed their babies.

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