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Pre-conception Assessment


Taking care of your health before getting pregnant is not only good but important for your baby’s health and yours.

This kind of care is called preconception care. A preconception assessment is done to check for any potential risks to you and your baby during pregnancy and to treat any health problem diagnosed before you get pregnant.

Before you take that step into pregnancy, you need to become very healthy; physically and emotionally.

To assess your preconception health, you’ll need to consult your healthcare provider. This will expose you to the vital information you must have in order to be and remain healthy as you become pregnant.


Making a preconception counselling appointment with your doctor gives you the perfect opportunity to let out all the questions you have on your mind.

Be it your diet, prenatal vitamins, or any health problems that run in your family. Most women don’t know that eating the right food during pregnancy helps in having a safe delivery. A preconception assessment will let you know this and even more.

During a preconception assessment, you will discuss the following with your doctor:

In addition, your doctor may also:

Preconception assessment is a practice that facilitates healthy delivery.